I'm very happy with the one hour massage I received from Cecile. She is very kind and gentle in her manner and I am so grateful for her expertise and knowledge of her craft. I hope to go back soon.

Laura, Burlington, VT

I was visiting Cecile for about a year, and couldn't have been more pleased. I prefer a deep tissue massage and she gave me great ones each & every time, (although I managed to fall asleep during each visit)! I have to admit that I was dismayed when I heard she was going to move to Vermont, but my loss is to the gain of everyone around Burlington who is fortunate enough to use her services - you won't regret it.

Scott, Rockport, MA

Cécile is very friendly, thoughtful and caring. She knows just how much pressure to use and made sure it wasn't too much for me. I always looked forward to my massage and I felt so much better and more relaxed when she was done.I highly recommend Cécile. I really miss my massages with her. I will book a massage with Cécile when I visit Burlington.

Wendy, Rockport, Ma.

Cecile is a wonderful, dedicated massage therapist. I have received massage therapy from her several times (once a month for over a year). She understands the human body well and will attentively target areas of concern, all the while checking in with her client for feedback. I always enjoy chatting with her as well. However, if I prefer quiet (or fall asleep!) she will work in silence peacefully. Cecile has a kind, astute, healing presence. I recommend her most highly.

Katharine, Gloucester, Ma

I had many sessions from Cecile. She listens what you needs and really pay attention on your tight and tension areas. I enjoyed every single session with her. Too bad she moved to Buringlinton, VT, I miss her so much!

Jade, Beverly, Ma

Cécile has a wonderfully warm and caring approach, and an exceptional balance of strength and sensitivity. Endowed with the remarkable ability to attentively “listen” to my physical state, she always manages to find areas of tension and stress that even I am not aware of. I have been receiving bodywork treatments of various kinds for well over twenty years, and very few practitioners I have worked with possess Cécile’s level of conscientiousness, thoroughness and depth. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a deeply relaxing massage!

Seth, Cambridge

I received a great relaxing massage from Cecile. She was very attentive to my needs and checked with me which I really appreciate. She gave me the amount of pressure I like. I´ll look forward to receiving a massage from her again.

Elizabeth, Boston

Cecile has such a gentle but powerful touch. She listened to me and then worked on all the areas I had told her were hurting, checking in with me the whole time to see if the pressure was right and everything. She responded to my every need and I felt her soothing energy throughout the whole massage - Thank you Cecile!


Cécile is a wonderful MT. She seems to know where it hurts without my even telling her. She has worked with me several times and I leave feeling relaxed and in a state of bliss. Thank you, Cécile!

Jeff, Boston

Heaven on a table!